How can AI be a means to increase Brand Loyalty ?

In recent years, artificial intelligence has become the spearhead of the digital world;
it is increasingly present in our everyday lives, even if we don’t always realise it.We come into regular contact with AI and our favourite brands use it in their relationships with us.
For example, film or series selections on Netflix; the dialogue box that opens to offer you help when you’re on the Microsoft customer service page; Siri on your Apple device giving you the name of the nearest restaurant; Google translate translating “happy birthday” into Greek for you…there’s no shortage of examples. However, AI is much more than that. Artificial intelligence is a general term that covers different approaches and technologies designed to think like humans. 

AI is already integrated into various products that we know and use: mobile phones, computers, connected tablets, cars, voice assistants, etc. This part sets out the applications equipped with AI technology available to marketing, together with its role in a customer loyalty strategy.
For several years, progress in AI has enabled marketing to optimise marketers’ tasks and provide strategic tools for achieving their goals. 
Although AI has not yet achieved its full potential, and some wonder whether it is a false promise, the technology offers new strategic tools for marketing, and this is what we will examine here.

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